Chiang Mai Salmonella collaboration

Our first paper has been published as part of what we hope will continue to be a fruitful collaboration with researchers at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. The manuscript focuses on identification of Salmonella Weltevrenden outbreak strains in the pork production chain in Chiang Mai. This Salmonella serovar was the dominant serovar found in the regions pork production 15 years ago, but has now been almost completely replaced by other, multi-drug resistant serovars. The Weltevrenden serovar rarely carries antimicrobial resistance genes, however the isolates we do find remaining in the region have began to acquire resistant genotypes. You can read the paper here.



We enjoyed having Eng (Phacharaporn Tadee) and Gift (Nattinee Kittiwan) spend time with us in Swansea as part of their PhD studies. Both were supervised by Pat (Prapas Patchanee) in the Integrative Research Center for Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Eng has now moved on to lecturing position at Maejo University – congratulations!


Eng, Guillaume, Gift & Ben