GETcampy-Africa 1st kick-off meeting in Basse, The Gambia

Sam, Ben and Evangelos have returned from a successful visit to The Gambia. They spent three days in Basse field station where they had the 1st hybrid kick-off meeting for the GETcampy-Africa project. They visited various field sites and met with friends and collaborators from the MRC Units in Basse and Banjul! The meeting was hosted by Dr. Jahangir Hossain (LSHTM, The Gambia) and Dr. Pa Cheboh Saine (Head of Basse field station) at Basse, and by Prof Martin Antonio and Jarra Manneh at Banjul. Dr Akosua Karikari and Dr Courage Sabo (University of Development studies, Ghana) as well as Dr Isidore Bonkoungou (University of Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso) along with Dr Kaisa Hauka (University of Helsinki, Finland) also joined the meeting via zoom. Very promising outcomes and lots of good projects ahead! Many thanks to everyone involved in organizing this exciting meeting!

From left: Evangelos Mourkas, Jahangir Hossain, Angela Coker, Ben Pascoe, Sam Sheppard, Abdoulai F. Jallow, Conteh Bakary, Henry Badji, Jarra Manneh

During their stay in Basse, they visited the hospital, medical centres, veterinary livestock clinic and different communities and engaged with the local people. During their stay in Banjul, they visited the MRC Unit and went on a tour in the different labs in the brand new building! Sam and Ben went fishing (and came back empty-handed!), Evangelos held a snake for the first time, and they all went for a 26km bike ride terrorizing the streets of Banjul!