We are delighted to welcome Evangelos Mourkas, as a starting PhD student in our lab! Evangelos, who got his DVM from Greece, is coming to us from Uppsala University (Sweden). His research here will focus on Campylobacter transmission ecology.

Evangelos and Guillaume next to the University pond, being photobombed by an oblivious male mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) who has no idea of what Evangelos usually does to his species as part of his infection experiments work.


#TeamEvangelos, the genesis.

Move to the University of Bath

After more than 4 productive and fruitful years at Swansea University Medical School, our laboratory has now relocated to the University of Bath, at the Department of Biology & Biotechnology, and will be part of the future Milner Centre for Evolution in the near future! Along with Sam Sheppard, Daniel Falush, Guillaume Méric and Ben Pascoe have also joined the lab from Swansea.

Our website has been updated, and as always, you can follow our updates on this page, as well as on our Twitter feed (@sheppard_lab).