Spring visitors

Good times! We are delighted to have been hosting many visiting researchers and collaborators in the last few weeks. There were no less than 7 of them in the picture below (names with links in legend):


From left to right; front row: Maria Carvalho (UHW/Cardiff University, UK), Phacharaporn Boonkhot (Chiang Mai University, Thailand), Tal Shpigel (Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel), Heather Chick, Nattinee Kittiwan (Chiang Mai University, Thailand), Amandine Thépault (ANSES, Ploufragran, France). Middle row: Sam Sheppard, Susan Murray, Elvire Berthenet, Lisa Williams, Rhys Jones, Llinos Harris. Back row: Diego Flórez Cuadrado (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), Philippe Lehours (INSERM U853, University of Bordeaux, France); Guillaume Méric, Ben Pascoe, Dan John.

Live from Thai Elephant

This week we had the visit of Patrik Ellström, a collaborator from Uppsala University, Sweden working on Campylobacter. This was the opportunity for the lab to collectively appreciate thai food, with careful advice from Eng and Gift, our thai visiting PhD students.


From left to right: (back row): Guillaume Meric, Nattinee (Gift) Kittiwan, Justine Challis, Phacharaporn (Eng) Boonkhot, Ben Pascoe, Evie Toleman, Lisa Williams, Llinos Harris, Daniel Falush, Sam Sheppard. (front row): Leonardos Mageiros, Patrik Ellstrom, Elvire Berthenet, Gethin Allen, Rhys Jones, Susan Murray, Dan John.

Visitors from Thailand!

Today, we are welcoming to our lab two visiting researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Chiang Mai University in Thailand to work on agricultural pathogens and genomics in Swansea. Dr. Nattinee (Gift) Kittiwan and Dr. Phacharaporn (Eng) Boonkhot will be with us for a few months. Welcome!


Visit to Thailand

As part of a collaboration with Chiang Mai University in Thailand, Sam Sheppard and Ben Pascoe had the opportunity to recently visit The National Elephant Institute of Thailand at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre (TECC) in the Lampang Province to discuss with Dr. Taweepoke Angkawanich about infectious diseases in elephants.


Left picture: from left to right: Dr. Ponrut Phunpae (Chiang Mai University), Dr. Taweepoke Angkawanich (Veterinarian at the TECC), Dr. Ben Pascoe, Prof. Sam Sheppard, Dr. Usanee Anukool (Chiang Mai University).