Although funding is not always available, we are always interested to hear about talented and motivated applicants who wish to work with us at postgraduate and postdoc levels. If you believe your project could be of interest to us, please contact Professor Samuel Sheppard.

Post Doctoral or Research Fellow

New positions become available for time-to-time and are advertised via the University recruitment pages.  We have also hosted independently funded Research Fellows, please get in touch if you are interested in joining the group by this route, but please note that such fellowship programmes are very highly competitive.

DPhil (Oxford PhD programme) Student

There are a number of ways in which students can be funded in the group.  In addition to specific project funding, which we advertise on the University and Department websites when they are available, it is also possible to apply for Biology Department Studentships and to various doctoral training programmes that can lead to research projects in the group. These programmes are all very highly competitive.

Undergraduate Student

The Department of Biology runs the Biological Sciences Degree. Sam is a Tutor Fellow in Biology at St. Anne’s College. Undergraduate students regularly undertake summer placements and their final year research project in the laboratory and this can lead to D.Phil. studentships.


We occasionally host visitors in the laboratory who have their own funding and are interested in a research area closely related to ours. Please note that we have very limited capacity for such visitors.