Sheppard Lab, Thai Balcony, Bath, December 2021

From left: Ben Pascoe, Billy Monteith, Sarah Bennett, Sam Sheppard, Jessica Calland, Evangelos Mourkas

Principal Investigator

Samuel K. Sheppard, Professor in Pathogen Genomics & Evolution


Ben Pascoe, Senior Research Fellow (affiliated with the Big Data Institute)
Evangelos Mourkas, Postdoctoral researcher

PhD students

Billy Monteith, PhD student (University of Bath, sponsored by Folium)
Shani Ali, GW4 DTP PhD student (University of Bath)
Charlotte Woolley, BBSRC DTP rotation (University of Oxford)
Eliza Rayner, BBSRC DTP rotation (University of Oxford)
Emily Rudolph, PhD student co-supervised with Dr Maisem Laabei (University of Bath)

Project Students

Radia Hassan, University of Oxford

Visiting researchers

Francesca Schiaffino, Visiting NIH Research Fellow from Cayetano Heredia University, Peru (2022-2025)
Xiaoqi Zang, Visiting PhD student from Yangzhou University, China (2022-2023)
Guillaume Méric, Visiting Research Fellow (2018-present)


University of Bath (2016-2022)

Swansea University (2012-2016)