Ben Pascoe

BP_200x333Research Fellow
MRC CLIMB Centre Manager

Department of Biology & Biotechnology
University of Bath, 4 South 0.39

Twitter: @benizao
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BSc (Hertfordshire, 2004)
DPhil (Sussex, 2008)
LFHCfS (2015)

Research interests

Broadly my research interests lie in further understanding how bacteria sense and respond to stress. Bacteria have evolved to produce a host of secondary metabolites including antibiotics, antifungal and other secreted molecules to improve their competitiveness in any given environmental niche or infection. It is this interplay between bacteria or between bacteria and host that I find particularly fascinating. For my DPhil at the University of Sussex (2004-8) I studied the role of the zinc uptake regulator, Zur, in modulation of ribosome structure and function under stress conditions in Streptomyces coelicolor. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Swansea (2009 – 2012) we developed the first model for enriching and resuscitating dormant Staphylococcus aureus cells in order to investigate their role in chronic infection and improve the efficacy of antibiotic treatment. Currently working in the Campy Lab at the University of Swansea (April 2012 – present): Our database of sequenced Campylobacter isolates enables us to compare large amounts of isolate data to form evolutionary theories which can then be tested in our lab. My particular areas of interest include the ability of isolates to form biofilm, oxygen tolerance and the general stress response that equips certain isolates for increased persistence / survival during transmission and infection.


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