Evangelos Mourkas

em_profilePhD student

The Milner Centre for Evolution
Department of Biology & Biotechnology
University of Bath
Claverton Down
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Twitter: @CampyVet

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E-mail: E.Mourkas@bath.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1225-383717

2016-present: PhD student, The Milner Centre for Evolution (University of Bath)
2015-2016: Research Assistant (ZSC, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden)
2013-2015: MSc, in infection biology (Uppsala University, Sweden)
2007-2012: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Research interests
My research interests focus around ecology, evolution and transmission of zoonotic bacterial infectious diseases. Most human infections are zoonotic, occurring mainly in animals but also being transmissible from animals to humans. Focusing on genetics and evolution of pathogenic bacteria will help us understand how different bacterial species can cross host species barriers, become pathogenic and infect human populations. Using up-to-date molecular and genomic tools and pipelines in combination with in vitro and in vivo experiments I am trying to understand how different Campylobacter species can colonize and adapt to various hosts and environments.