Sion Bayliss

Sion_PhotoMRC CLIMB pipeline developer
/Postdoctoral researcher

The Milner Centre for Evolution
Department of Biology & Biotechnology
University of Bath, 4 South, Lab 0.39
Claverton Down
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Twitter: @Sion_Bayliss
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My research interests lie in the micro- and macro-evolutionary dynamics of prokaryote populations, and the contribution of evolutionary processes to niche specialisation. Prokaryotes have many mechanisms by which they may adapt to new fitness landscapes, they can acquire novel functions via uptake of exogenous DNA, modify regulatory and metabolic networks via point mutation or vary gene complement. I am currently focusing the contribution of genetic material from native bacterial populations to niche-adaptation and the emergence of pathogenicity in newly introduced bacterial species. Understanding how natural populations of bacteria successfully adapt within a new niche will allow us to gain insight into basic evolutionary processes as well as provide practical applications for disease management and control.