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2023-2026 | BBSRC-funded project (BB/W020602/1): Understanding the pathway to multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens (in collaboration with Prof Alan McNally, University of Birmingham).

Genomic Epidemiology of Campylobacter in Peru

2021-2026 | National Institute of Health-funded projects (1R01AI158576-01 & 1R21AI163801-01A1 ): Genomic Epidemiology of Campylobacter to Improve Disease Control in Low and Middle Income Countries. In collaboration with Prof Margaret Kosek (University of Virginia), Francesca Schiaffino (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia), Craig Parker (USDA) & Kerry Cooper (University of Arizona). Group lead: Ben Pascoe


2020-2025 | MRC-funded project (MR/L015080/1 & MR/T030062/1): A Cloud Infrastructure for Big-Data Microbial Bioinformatics. In collaboration with Prof Mark Pallen, Christopher Quince & Andrew Page (Quadram Institute), Prof Nick Loman (University of Birmingham), Prof Thomas Connor (Cardiff University), Prof Simon Ellwood-Thompson (Swansea University), Andrew Millard (University of Leicester) & Prof Martin Antonio (MRC Gambia at LSHTM). Group Lead: Sam Sheppard

GET Campy-Africa

2021-2024 | MRC-funded project (MR/V001213/1): Genomic Epidemiology and Transmission of Campylobacter in Africa. In collaboration with Prof Martin Antonio, Jahangir Hossain & Abdul Karim Sesay (MRC Gambia at LSHTM), Isidore Bonkoungou (University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso), Akosua Karikari & Courage Saba (UDS, Ghana), Prof John Mumford, John Holt & Adrain Leach (Imperial) and Prof Jukka Corrander & Kaisa Hauka (University of Helsinki). Groups leads: Evangelos Mourkas & Shani Ali

Neisseria meningitis disease traits

2019-2023 | MRC-funded project (MR/S009264/1): Phenotype to genotype: dissecting meningococcal disease and carriage traits. In collaboration with Christopher Bayliss (University of Leicester) & Luisa Martinez-Pomares (University of Nottingham). Group lead: Evangelos Mourkas

Campylobacter in the Arctic

2022-2023 | International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic – funded project (Grant Agreement No. 730938): Campylobacter in arctic birds as an indicator of global spread of antimicrobial resistant zoonotic pathogens. In collaboration with Jose O. Valdebenito (Austral University, Chile), ‪Tamás Székely‬ (University of Bath, UK), Pedro Rodrigues (RIF field station Raufarhöfn, Iceland). Group Lead: Evangelos Mourkas

Folium collaboration

2020-2024 | Sponsored PhD studentship (Billy Monteith) to investigate bacterial diversity and virulence traits in agricultural pathogens.

Burden of antibiotic resistance in Chinese wastewater

2019-2023 (extended) | BBSRC-funded UK-China link project (MR/S013717/1): Strategies to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance in China. In collaboration with Prof Helen Lambert, Prof Alasdair MacGowan, Matthew Hickman, Christie Cabral, Lucy Yardley (University of Bristol), Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Horden (University of Bath), Guiqing Lily Yao, Nicola Cooper, Carolyn Tarrant (University of Leicester), Luwen Shi, Bo Zheng, Yanping Deng (Peking University), Fei Yan, Chaowei Fu, Hexing Wang (Fudan University), Debin Wang, Yehuan Sun, Xiaowen Hu (Anhui Medical University), Paul Little, Beth Stuart (University of Southampton) & Isabel Oliver (PHE). Group lead: Sam Sheppard